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Monday, October 28, 2013

Nice Road You Got Here

Chapter two is done, and chapter three is already plotted out!  Sandy's visit to Somewhere got off to a rocky start in chapter one, but she has a much better time in chapter two taking advantage of Here's transit system and meeting stone giants, fake sheep, and of course the Greater House Cuckoo.

Chapter two of A Sidekick's Tale, in .pdf format!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The First Of A New Book!

Okay, so, I've mentioned this.  The horror novel left me down.  My book about candy, transformation, and passion is good, but completely not right for my mood now.  I've been throwing around an idea for a new book, a classic 'Girl gets lost in a magic land' story in the Oz tradition - but told from the perspective of her sidekick.  I've been getting pretty close to ready to write it, so I wrote the first chapter to give me a feel for the book that I could use to finish the outline.

...well, I loved writing it.  I really, REALLY loved writing it.  I feel so good right now.  Just thinking about writing A Sidekick's Tale makes me happy.  Also, it will be suitable for a much wider audience.  So, have the first chapter!

A Sidekick's Tale, Chapter One in .pdf format

The Last Of The Old

...for awhile, anyway!  Probably.  I am unlikely to continue the currently-titled Lemon and Chocolate: An Alien Romance any time soon.  I will almost certainly make it my NEXT book.  Reasons will be made available momentarily.  For now, I did finish Chapter Five, so you can enjoy that if you're one of those people who enjoy things.  (For reference, Chapter Two was so big that I broke it up into Two, Three, and Four.  That's why this one is Five.)

Chapter Five in .pdf format