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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wild Children Is Out!

Let it be known that on this day, 12/12/12, I am back in the novel selling business!  Wild Children is out, published by Curiosity Quills, and for those who want a copy here is their web page with links to order, or the US Amazon page if you want to skip straight to that.  The process has been one disaster after another as my cursed luck tried to stop me from being published, but victory is mine at last.  I want to thank my publisher Curiosity Quills, in fact.  They soldiered on despite multiple hospitalizations, real life threatening stuff.  Right now only the ereader version is out, but they do paper copies so that should be on the way.  Heck, I've seen the interior .pdfs and this book is SO GORGEOUS.

Oh, and they set up a Facebook author page for me!  It will be a mix of theirs and mine.  We're getting me linked up as one of its administrators right now.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A New Doll House Story

So, I've been hard at work doing Authory Stuff, which is basically writing.  I just finished another Doll House story, Doll House: Amethyst, which I will link to below this paragraph!  As far as I know, Curiosity Quills only wants my books, but I'll run it past them before publishing it online.  A short story gave me a nice break between books, clearing my head enough that I will likely do the major edits on Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Supervillain next.  My 'ol buddy Albert Berg said he thinks the later fights need to be more tense, and he's right, so I gotta fix that.  You can't be good at something if you're not willing to do it right.

For your enjoyment: The draft version of Doll House: Amethyst.

On a side note, I finally changed my blog photo.  If current publishing dates hold, I may soon be selling enough books to matter.  While I was absolutely a nobody, random internet art was fine.  I can't use art I don't own if it's even kinda helping make money.  It might be illegal, and it's for damn sure rude.  Fortunately, I have old cover art that I legally own to take samples from!