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Friday, February 20, 2015

So, Where Next?

First, I want to thank you all.

You might think that the release to the sequel of my first bestseller would be a wonderful moment.  It's actually been a pile of fear and stress.  Every bad review hurt.  The good reviews and the interest from the commenters here has warmed my heart and made it easier to get back on my feet and going again.  The discussions, the questions - you have been a life preserver in a sea of career uncertainty.

So, now that my head is more or less clear, what's happening?

Well, to my great sorrow, A Sidekick's Tale is not going to work.  I identified why it's cute but not gripping, and it's the central premise.  I might post everything I wrote here?  Not sure.  Heartfelt and Anywhere will be back in another book, that I know.

Love, Hate, and the Chocolate Rabbit will be picked back up, and I've felt interested in it, but I'll probably want to wait until I have something more reliably wide audience just to make me feel better!

I've actually written the first chapter of Book Three of the Inscrutable Machine.  I was going to launch into it next.  I had a brief delay while I did research, but that got finished to my satisfaction.  Except...

My publisher has asked me to write a 15000-20000 word novella set in the Inscrutable Machine continuum.  They have some other superhero type titles, and thought an anthology sorta thing would be cool.  So, I'm working on that.  This idea was JUST raised, like, two days ago.  I'm going through ideas and figuring out what I want.  The three current leading ideas are:

The very weird day Bull met Evolution.

She Who Wots' younger sister, and their peculiar home life.

A further exploration of corporate villainous silliness.

What do you think?