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Monday, June 13, 2016

I Leave My Cave Occasionally

The book is chugging along, but since I can't show you excerpts, I have less to post about.  Instead, I have taken photos of stuff I saw when I went to see the wonderful French movie April and the Extraordinary World!

You see, next to the theater is this huge, or at least pleasantly and unexpectedly large, art shop.  It was full of every kind of art supply, and I loved just breathing that art shop air.  None of that makes good photography material.  What makes good photography material are... unicorn toys!

Since a close friend of mine is totally into unicorns, and I was shocked by the sheer numbers and weirdness of unicorn toys on display in an art store, I took photos.

#1:  Bag O' Unicorn.  Even beautiful, haunting, ephemeral magical creatures have their low budget purchasing options!

#2:  This book has to make you feel good.  It has a bunny and a unicorn on the cover.  That's PROOF.

#3:  This is just messed up.  There's really nothing else to say about it besides 'messed up.'

#4:  Sir, I find your assertion that 'cats love it' HIGHLY doubtful.

#5:  Not technically a unicorn toy, but included because it showcases the grace and majesty of horses.

#6:  This one was not photographed for my Unifriend.  It was all for me, to remind me that somewhere out there, someone is planning the same kind of unnatural horrors I am.

And now, for something completely different.  We went to this amazing burger shop where I ate a burger!  The burger was pretty good but not the amazing part.  The world just had to see the photos on the walls.  Holy smog bottlers.

(Faces have been blurred into Boschian nightmares to protect the innocent.)


Okay, there's your update to know I'm alive!  Honestly, I took these photos and posted them for one specific person, and I'm just hoping the rest of you get a kick, too.