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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Behind Than I Thought

I never even posted two of the other pictures Nikki drew.  She REEEEEEally likes Remmy.

Bonus content: Some fan art sketches of Ampexia, who should be showing up in the third book.  Note to my fellow authors: Get an alpha reader and fangirl who can draw.  It makes life pretty awesome.

And the censored version of one more because 'suitable for children' is not something Nikki understands:

Those are just loose idea sketches, of course, but I owe you people a lot 'cause I haven't updated this thing in a dog's age.

Yay, It's Fixed!

My computer exploded!  Thank you for your patience.  As a reward, here is some fan art.  This is my alpha reader's interpretation of Juliet from the second Inscrutable Machine book, or as Nikki put it 'The sweetest little abomination you'll ever meet in interplanetary space.'

I was also interrupted by a sudden editing job for Quite Contrary, which needed it but very much disrupted my writing.  And then another for the short story that will be in Curiosity Quills' anthology.

Despite these interruptions the sequel is plugging away and I might even be three fourths done.  I'm just not allowed to share it with you! 

You should all thank Nikki for the art, since I'M not allowed to give you anything creative!  Damn you, being a professional!