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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gifts For Your Good Intentions

I know the contest thing is pretty crazy.  The biggest problem is that my reach in direct communication with fans is tiny, and not many people will be in a position to do anything.  But for those who donate their time and effort, rest assured, I will be putting a considerable time and effort - possibly thousands of dollars worth - into making a story to reward you.


Check it, fan art!  Someone paid an artist (Jonas) to draw the Inscrutable Machine!  Twitter link in the picture.


Even more fan art!  I'm not sure if this technically counts.  An artist (Mari) was drawing stuff, and asked for suggestions, and liked Bray's description!  Again, Twitter link in picture.  ATTRIBUTE YOUR ART, CHILDREN.


I take no responsibility for adult art that might or might not appear on either account.  I am linking because that is what you do to not be a poopy head to artists.

Okay, one more thing.

I have, as you know, pondered how much  I can preview the next book without ruinous spoilers.  I have decided to give you this chapter.  It introduces Gerty Goat, is fun, and contains hints rather than anything definite about anything that happens.

Gerty Goat Visits Happy Days Toys For Children

 Read or do not read, as suits you!  Dropbox sucks these days, so the link might be weird.