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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I don't know if my beta readers even want a thread to discuss spoilers, but here's one in case.  Or you can just use it to tell me how much you liked the book!  YAY ME!

Funny Story, I Wrote A Funny Story

So, the closer I get to the end of a book, the more I withdraw from society.  You may have noticed!

And this means, yes, the manuscript of Please Don't Tell My Parents You Believe Her is done.  I have even sent it out to an unanticipatedly large number of people who requested to be beta readers.  Several of them comment here, and I'm not sure if they'll want a special thread to discuss the book, or what.

Currently there is no release date.  I'm waiting on my publisher to get back to me with their plans.  I'm guessing January or the beginning of February, with pre-orders up as soon as they can get cover art.  My publisher gets weirder and weirder, though, so I guarantee nothing.

This is the last book for Penny Akk.  Her story is told, and I don't like stretching things out endlessly!  The Supervillain world, however, is not even close to finished.  My current plan is to write books in new worlds alternately with books in the Supervillain world.  So, next I'm going to finish A Sidekick's Tale (that needs a new title SO badly) and then I'm tossing around something for Mirabelle.