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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Sun Belatedly Rises

Welcome, one and all, to the blog of Richard Roberts, writer of... well, so far short stories, novels, fairy tales, children's books, and I'm working with a cartoon studio. But I create this blog on the eve of getting the very first of these items marketed to the public. For the moment, I claim this 40 acres of the internet in the name of Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Teeth. Unless my luck goes straight to a very icky and nasty place I write about frequently, my next post sometime this weekend will be an announcement of its publication.

Insincerely But Honestly,


  1. so... did this blog change owners, or is this some kind of deep cover story...?

  2. If someone else has ever had this blog name, I don't know about it! And I don't recall any deliberate attempts to change my identity. As you can see, the blog's only a couple of months old, so maybe someone had just discarded it the moment I went looking.

  3. Sadness! Yeah, it used to be my baby cousin's.

    ...However, the bits of your writing that I've seen are right up my alley, so... happy coincidence? (Is that Sweet Dreams book available for the Nook as well, or just the Kindle?)

  4. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Teeth and three short stories from The Doll House (Inventory, Emerald, and Lapis Lazuli) are on sale in all formats on all the major online realtors as far as I know. Here's the Barnes And Noble page for Sweet Dreams! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sweet-dreams-are-made-of-teeth-richard-roberts/1103475809

    Wild Children is negotiating for cover art, my book of short stories is still in proofreading, and as you can see from more current posts Quite Contrary is about a third written. Sweet Dreams and The doll House are goth stuff, the others Young Adult, but I'm told my YA is at least as dark. I hope you enjoy!