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Monday, June 11, 2012

As For My Writing


Every time life goes 'pbbbt' on me, I stop blogging for awhile.  Tres bad habit.  I'm tryin', folks.  I had a particularly bad week there where every friend I've got had an emotional meltdown, and while it's a good thing I was feeling just fine and able to support them, boy did it tire me out.

Finished editing Quite Contrary, I don't know, about a week ago?  I'm so bad at time.  The line edits took very little time on my part.  I did the first round, the biggest round where the book came back covered in little yellow and red notes, in a single day.  Curiosity Quills' editors remain friendly and easy to work with.  Vicki, it was truly a pleasure, but I confess you did not beat out Verity for the title of 'favorite editor ever'.  Still, 'it was a pleasure to work with you' is not a compliment many editors deserve, and you should feel truly chuffed.  Quite Contrary was much more raw than Sweet Dreams.  I'd only proofread it once myself.  Much more needed fixing up, and Vicki and I went back and forth several rounds on some issues until one of us convinced the other.  To my fellow writers out there, if that sounds distinctly un-terrifying, it was distinctly un-terrifying.

So Quite Contrary is done.  I haven't gotten the 'official' manuscript back, but since the last email consisted of 'remove this one entire page and we're through' I've bloody well got the unofficial manuscript, if you know what I mean.  I haven't heard about Wild Children yet.  I insisted on no story level edits, but I'm sure the line editor is even now wreaking havoc on the stilted language and incomprehensible comma strategy of three books ago.  I haven't heard much of anything from Curiosity Quills, but this is no surprise or worry to me.  It's been strongly hinted that I'm well ahead of the normal editing schedule, so they might have nothing TO say to me for a month.  That would be a month to get back into Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Supervillain, which would be a relief.

Speaking of Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Supervillain, editing blows the spoot out of my inspiration, but my brain is back on track and I'm loving it.  Have another chapter!

Chapter 9: Welcome To The Community

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