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Saturday, December 8, 2012

A New Doll House Story

So, I've been hard at work doing Authory Stuff, which is basically writing.  I just finished another Doll House story, Doll House: Amethyst, which I will link to below this paragraph!  As far as I know, Curiosity Quills only wants my books, but I'll run it past them before publishing it online.  A short story gave me a nice break between books, clearing my head enough that I will likely do the major edits on Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Supervillain next.  My 'ol buddy Albert Berg said he thinks the later fights need to be more tense, and he's right, so I gotta fix that.  You can't be good at something if you're not willing to do it right.

For your enjoyment: The draft version of Doll House: Amethyst.

On a side note, I finally changed my blog photo.  If current publishing dates hold, I may soon be selling enough books to matter.  While I was absolutely a nobody, random internet art was fine.  I can't use art I don't own if it's even kinda helping make money.  It might be illegal, and it's for damn sure rude.  Fortunately, I have old cover art that I legally own to take samples from!

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