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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Also Out In Paperback!

And now the trio is complete!  Wild Children is ALSO out in paperback!  Turns out it was slow being released in that format because it's a honking god damn big book and that creates printing and expense issues.  Still, everyone always asks 'When will it be out in a paper version?'  Well, my personal favorite of my books is now out in paper version!

Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Supervillain has not yet started editing, and I suspect it will be awhile.  Curiosity Quills is growing so fast they're crushingly understaffed, and selfish author that I am I demanded my favorite (and badly overworked) editor.  Frankly, Verity is worth it.  She's amazing.

This horror novel continues to drag, but it IS getting written.  Every scene gets a little more fun, as the process of bending without breaking the characters to suit me is left behind and the monsters creep back onto the scene.  The noose tightens, and I love building tension.  I'm getting interesting inspirations a little more all the while, but I can't deny my heart is still with Metal, Candy, Flesh.  My moods get involved weirdly, as well.  I'm a terrible writing addict.  If I stop writing, I close up in a ball and stop enjoying the world.  If I get really stressed, that process can work backwards.  This makes momentum tough when I'm constantly reeling from the emotional highs and blows to my self-esteem that come with being a newly published author.

On a lighter note, that duck that used to hang out on my front lawn watching the house returned this year, but I only saw him once.  Will he be back regularly?  Why in heaven's name did a duck want to hang out alone on a suburban lawn in the first place?  It's these little mysteries that make life interesting.

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  1. Have recently read Wild Children in paperback and can honestly say that I've enjoyed it a great deal. Jinx is now officially my favourite character. Will there be sequels or a continuation of similar stories in the future?