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Sunday, August 11, 2013

San Diego Comic Con Photo Blog - Sunday

SO SICK.  The best laid plans of mice and men gae aft aglae when Con Crud strikes.  At last, I give you the final day of my photos!

This will be a bit different.  You see, by Sunday we were tired.  Tired beyond tired, physically and emotionally.  We had to check out of our hotel at noon, but our planes didn't leave until the evening.  We'd kinda planned ahead on this.  The hotel was right beside Balboa Park, where San Diego puts all its touristy stuff.  We took a walk down there!

We zeroed in immediately on the San Diego Zoo... and discovered it was 45$ each for a ticket.  Frankly, we decided that money could be better spent elsewhere.  We immediately lucked out.  Circling the zoo, we found an old fashioned carousel.  It was beautiful, and the ride was several minutes long.  Well worth a couple of bucks.  Here we stand waiting for our turn.

And here's a photo inside as the carousel turns!  It was so charming.  We were riding the ostriches.  You can juuuuust barely see a peek of Dana's next to me.  Many off color jokes were made about the roosters ahead of us.

This is a crow.  I like crows.

Oh, no!  BEES!  The zoo is very considerate of them, it seems.

And now life gang even more aglae.  I took a lot of photos that are just gone.  I don't know what happened to them.  Right after the carousel, we saw a pony being exercised.  I don't have those photos, I don't have the photos of the restaurant.  I've forgotten how many photos were lost.  I didn't take as many as the previous days, but it's still disappointing.

But here's what I have!  After the carousel, we found this adorable little artist's village!

The store that interested us the most was about gemstone crafts, geology, all that kind of thing.  One of the lost photos was of their adorable periodicals, but here's the jewelry rack.  Warning:  The photos from the rock store were kept at very large size, because I felt detail would be important.

And a big shelf full of the rocks in their raw form!  I thought this was the kind of things my friends would like.  Missing are photos of the next shelf, with the big black rock I made jokes about being my heart.

Really, really running out of photos here.  I don't have any of when we stopped to eat.  The big thing we did that day was go to the natural history museum.  We saw a fantastic little movie about dinosaurs - fantastic because the dinosaurs had proper feathers.  I grew up in a pre-dinosaurs-have-feathers world, and seeing them feathered delights me.  Too few dinosaur renditions have caught up with that.  But, no photos of the vulture-lookin' velociraptors or the hysterically goofy oviraptor.  All disappeared into the ether.  All I have is this, a downright creepy photo of a duckbill that's half face, half skull!  There was a whole line of heads like this.

Which leaves me with one more photo.  This one wasn't taken at SDCC at all, but at my brief visit to FandomFest.  I am going to try to convince my publisher to set us up a booth there next year.  It's a perfect convention for that.  But there was only one thing I really wanted to photograph at FandomFest.  Adventure Time costumes are everywhere, but they're mostly Fiona and Marceline.  My friends all ask me - were there any Lady Rainocorn cosplayers?

Here you go.

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