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Monday, December 23, 2013

Not As Last As Expected

You know, normally I crave originality, but I think what I wrote on DA says it all:

I have discovered something very strange.  I have two books in progress, and writing one inspires me to write the other.  Lemon and Chocolate is a sensual book, literally.  Touch, taste, smell, and even sight and sound - it awakens me vividly to the senses.  This is something every book needs.  A Sidekick's Tale is a fantastic book, with strange and magical places and people.  It fills my head with wonder, and that is something Lemon and Chocolate needs.  Right now, it looks like I may be alternating chapters.  I finished this HUGE chapter (and split it up into parts) of Lemon and Chocolate more than a week ago.  I've just been procrastinating, and a bit depressed.

I am still not satisfied with the title 'Lemon and Chocolate'.  It's much closer to what I want, but the book is a romance with a little bit of hard adventure.  It's a story of love and hate and transformation.  'Lemon and Chocolate and Steel'?  Hmmm.  'Love and Hate and Candy' isn't bad.  Opinions or suggestions are and will remain very welcome.  A good title is extremely important.

So without further ado... have three more chapters!

Chapter 6, In which we find out what happened to Lem's home
Chapter 7, In which Lem and the chocolate rabbit have it out
Chapter 8, In which Lem finds out what losing means (Warning:  Torture)

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