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Monday, January 27, 2014

Furniture Thieves of the Cloud Nebula

That is my name for the latest patch of Starbound, which has finally delivered the last character wipe and set us free.

For those of you who have not heard of the game, it is the same genre as Minecraft, but 2D with adorable pixels, a science fiction theme, and most importantly a focus on exploration much more than construction.  Alien races have towns, tombs, castles, abandoned space stations, prisons, temples, and things you can't even identify on every planet.

To me, most importantly, those alien habitations have furniture.  Furniture I can steal.  In this restart I just ran across a giant steel pyramid, mostly underground, filled with high tech goodies like computer mainframes and plasma globes.  Almost none of this stuff does anything, but now that the player wipes are over I can start collecting it.

My goal:  Build a giant museum in an asteroid belt somewhere, a dragon's hoard of decorations from a thousand thousand races.  The imminent player wipe was in my way, but now I can go full-scale space pirate.

I'm a little ticked that lanterns on a stick, the most essential item for deep underground mining, is not available until Tier 2 equipment.  On the other hand, there hardly seems to be any ore underground in Alpha Sector.  I guess I didn't need it.

Pardon me, I must loot that pyramid, maybe steal the beautiful metal walls, and then run off to Beta Sector looking for more prey.

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