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Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Book That Wasn't

I have loved seeing people actually discuss my books, and I'm grateful to you all.

Here is a present.  This was going to be my next book, completely unconnected to any previous, about a girl who falls into a magical land - or, more accurately, about her sidekick.

I put it in PDF format.

It didn't work.  It's nice to read, but it's not page-turningly gripping, and the problem is built into the book so tightly I would have to rewrite from the beginning.  I'm putting away the ideas, and they will be part of some new book in the future.

But for now, hey, maybe someone will enjoy a third of a book.


  1. Lol, I could tell before even half way through chapter 1 that the story was going to switch to the pov of one of the dolls. Oddly though I think I know what's wrong with your story. I assume that the sandy is the protagonist and the doll is the sidekick... Why not reverse it.

    More accurately as you said, the story doesn't feel right being told from a side-kick point of view, so
    Have the human Sandy be the sidekick, and the patchwork doll Heartfelt be the Hero. I'm assuming charity is Sandy's "friend", and her friend took both items when one was intended for "player two". My suggestion if toys and cloth and a theme that Sandy sews a magical item into Heartfelt, and basically adds powers to him over the course of the story. Heartfelt then becomes the magician/warrior and the human is the sidekick.

    Fyi I think there is nothing wrong with having the doll be the primary protagonist and pov. I think it's an awsome idea, but as you yourself probably feel. The plushie being written as the side-kick is a trope. :)
    One that could probably afford to be subverted.
    Look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you for sharing it! I enjoyed it, would have happily kept reading for another 2/3rds if you ever reconsider or do find a way to make it work. :)