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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Inside Out: Not Really A Review

I went and saw Inside Out for the second time today.  The second time in three days, and after the first time I came home and wrote an entire chapter.  So, yeah, I loved it.


For anybody going to see it, just keep in mind that it's way less silly and way more serious than advertised.  There are heavy duty Feels, and lots of them.  You know the first ten minutes of Up!?  About a third of Inside Out is like that.  Very heartwarming at the ending, but MANY FEELS.

Oh, and I just mentioned writing a chapter.

So, yeah, I'm officially working on the third book.  I'm wondering if I should sneak chapter two, and maybe three, up here.  My publisher won't like it exactly, but if it's no more than that they won't especially fuss.  Personally, I think it's a good advertising hook.


  1. Inside Out was such a tearjerker. I swear I heard sniffles coming from the back of the theater. Does the productivity boost from watching it a second time only apply to creative professions? :-)

    On a different note, I _just_ finished your first two books and can't wait for the third. Especially since it's taking place back in school.

    Also, after everything that happens in the first two, I'll explode with furiosity if Penny doesn't acquire super-strength for herself by the end of the series. Penny deserves muscles too.

  2. One-third of Inside Out is the like the first ten minutes of Up!. People have been trying to get me to see this film, and that's the first comment other than 'it's awesome' I've seen that genuinely garners my interest.