(I Also Write Children's Books!)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Well. Ain't you little buggers lucky?

THREAD CLOSED!  Marketing wants to link to my cover art thread up above.  I am not going to let your email addresses show up on a post that might get wide public attention and be read by virus/malware spammers.  Anyone who knows how to get ahold of me otherwise, I am still willing to send out a few more copies.  I feel bad a lot of my regular commenters probably didn't have time.

I finally got the cover art.  It's almost set to go.  But with it, I got a request from my publisher.  They would like me to find 20 people to receive free electronic copies, so folks will be ready to post reviews as soon as the book launches.

Do I have any takers?  You may have to leave me an email address, unless somebody has a really smokin' idea how to do this to maintain everyone's privacy but also not yell 'COME AND GET IT' to the world's book pirates!

EDIT - If you want anything other than a .mobi, you'd better specify when you ask!