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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I don't know if my beta readers even want a thread to discuss spoilers, but here's one in case.  Or you can just use it to tell me how much you liked the book!  YAY ME!


  1. So very worth the wait!

    The Emu, Musical themed Magical Girl - with Wands, Weapon of Mass Friendship, the crisis of conscious for Penny – Outstanding!
    I am sorry to see it end, but it is a good finish.

    I have to say one thing - as the last of The Inscrutable Machine, I wish there had been more - T.I.M. This was Penny’s Story, they were literally bystanders! And, I hope we find out what happened with the Horseman. That was epic, and I would really like to know more about it!

    Actually I would like to know a LOT more about the world, so I am very glad you stated that you will be writing more about that world.

  2. I was re-reading the story, and the pacing it well done. There is never a dull moment in the life of a teen robo-villain. Heh.

  3. I'm sad to hear it is over after this!

    But excited to see what else surfaces from this world.

  4. It only hit me on second reading - She started on the Path of Vengeance, and ended on the Path of Sacrifice! Nicely done!

  5. What am amazing lack of comments we have....

  6. Is there going to be a book five of please don't tell my parents... I hope so because you left off on the greatest cliff hanger of all time.

  7. I'm a Gerty Gerty Girl!

    I also want to know what happened to The First Horsemen. In fact, there are a great many things I want to know.

    I'm glad I actually got the ending that I had essentially been rooting for ever since Penny had her realization about Other Penny (before that really). I had a sense of foreboding throughout most of the book. I still don't want to get too spoilery in here. I'm glad the book is out. I don't feel a sense of completion, but I do feel some level of contentment.

    I'll be looking forward to future books :-) I'll be lurking from time to time for updates. I must sleep now. I haven't had much of that since I got the book. (Worth it!)

  8. Having read this book...there's a few of issues. But, other then that, the book is GOOD. This WILL have spoilers.

    1. It feels like the epilogue is 'too focused'. It doesn't wrap up the background story. Like...we know 'Penny is okay'...but you don't explain First Horseman, Mourning Dove, etc. Ampelexia and Gerty Goat disappearing is less bad, though.

    2. I call BS on the 'Vengence versus Sacrifice'. Penny is ALWAYS sacrifice. At least, when she's given a chance. Hell...she went 'sacrifice' straight out in the novel. (Even if she says 'vengence was more fun'.

    3. I...confess I feel a bit 'cheated' with the reveal. Other Pennny was far too evil in her early scene, form what I remember...so the reveal she's NOT evil is a bit...off. The "Part of Us that was attached to her supeprower" was how she identified herself...but...

    Okay, in her first scene she smashes Good Penny, sending her into a permenant coma. Tries to murder it. Throws the Machine violently...And straight out TRIED TO BLOW UP ROBOT PENNY!

    Hm...rereading...you DO set it up. She calls herself out on "Going overboard", specifically stops herself from going too far. It's still..WAY more vicious then we've ever seen Penny. Hm...

    This is a damn good novel, though. An dmakes me wish there was more. (I'm sad the Water Elemental was gone for good!)

    1. The three Penny instances are perfectly consistent with id (meat), ego (steel) and super-ego (gold). Even the conflict matches the model, and the resolution is the only one possible.

      In a world with dragons, robots, superheroes and aliens, perhaps a bit of Freudian psychology can be valid, too? Or is that going too far?

    2. I thought so, too, and I was expecting a resolution like Star Trek: The Enemy Within, but I guess this wasn't intended after all. How are you posting as "Anonymous"?

  9. i loved the books so much but i would have love seeing a seen a confession about the turning my self in as bad penny thing the meatbag penny was talking about in the end of book 3