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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

End Of An Era

Subtitled:  I Hope You Downloaded In Time

My books have all been taken off Amazon.  I'll leave this as the top post for at least a day or two, since people need to see it.  This is part of my canceling my contracts with Curiosity Quills for not paying me royalties owed.  When the official releases arrive, I will begin seeking new representation for my books.  So far, no luck on the Rag Doll book, but it's so exotic I figured it would be a hard sell.


  1. In the UK at least, if you bought it you can re-download it but you now can't buy it.

    1. Same with my US copy. Amazon would have a significant PR issue on its hands if an author or publisher could revoke access to content someone paid for.

  2. I missed it by 2 days!!! Do you know if/when they can be available again?

  3. OH no. I hope it all gets cleared up soon.

  4. Is there a way to get on a mailing list when it becomes available?

  5. Indeed, I would also appreciate knowing when availability returns ...
    I have read the 5 Penny Akk and recommended them to our local library and came back for the Spider one and ... pfft!

    So sorry to hear that your publisher was being bad.

  6. I'm so glad I put them on my non-networked e-reader before this happened.

  7. You might look into a place called Mountaindale Press, a new publisher founded by an author to help out other new authors. While you’re not new, he might be a good fit for you. I have no connection to the business, but am acquainted marginally with the author(I’m a Patreon of his). Anyway, I hope it all works out and you eventually get your back royalties.