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Monday, October 29, 2012

And That's #4!

Ladies and gentlemen and mysterious future beings who will read this blog to learn what an unsavory person their favorite author is, I finished the book!  Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Supervillain is written!  I just shopped the manuscript around to a bunch of friends of various levels of friendliness.  What they do and don't like will be very instructive, here.  I'm far less confident that this book is any good than I have been with others.  I wanted to write a light-hearted, gentle book, and this is as pleasant as I can get.  The problem is, I don't know if I have the skills to write a gripping narrative that doesn't involve misery and death!

Soon, I shall know if the book is any good.  After that, once my head is clear I'll need to do a proofreading run on my own - tying up loose ends, making sure references from the end of the book match the beginning, tightening language, correcting typos, all that sort of jazz.  Then, unless I've learned it's an utter failure, I offer it to my publisher and see if they're interested!

Presumably I'll be writing other things some time in the interim.  I'd like to do some short stories, but I'll have to see how fast Metal, Candy, Flesh takes over my brain.  I'm still reeling and it hasn't entirely penetrated this book is finished, so I can't predict.

Oh, and I wrote the last twelve thousand words in one day.  THAT was CRAZY.

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