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Sunday, July 21, 2013

San Diego Comic Con Photoblog - Friday

The convention is EXHAUSTING.  Worry not, I took many photos, I was just too tired to edit and post them the last two nights.  Let's see what we've got!

So, SDCC is a big deal, 150,000 people and more that spills all over the nearby neighborhoods of San Diego.  Someone thinks this is a crowd worth advertizing to.  A lot of someones.  Here we have an actual blimp flying around above the convention.

Here we have Game of Thrones based rentable transportation!  You too can sit on the Sword Throne!  Ho ho ho ho ho!  Game of Thrones advertizements were EVERYWHERE.  Giant posters, paintings on buildings, street signs - madness.

And here's that scene from the other side.  Game of thrones had competition!  Very, very weird competition.

This photo is not relevant to anything.  I thought the empty building and the guy standing at the window looked neat.

No more boring on-the-way-to-the-con stuff you don't care about.  I declared Friday to be Cosplay Photographing Day!  I knew it would be when I walked in the door right next to the weapons check booth.  Luck was with me, and Mad Moxxi was checking one of her custom SMGs.

Note the lack of confiscation.  Mad Moxxi ALWAYS gets what she wants.  It's a talent she has!

Here is something you need to understand about San Diego Comic Con.  I only photographed the costumes that whim struck me as amusing, because costumes are everywhere.  I took this next photo when I realized that I could take a photo in any direction and there would be a cosplayer.  That's also why the image quality is so bad.  I pulled out my camera and snapped a random photo.

My whims decided to take pictures that would entertain my friends.  This is for you, Chaos.  Well, that and the costumes are incredible.  I think they may have been professional and attached to the booth next to them.  Cammy was awfully friendly.

Moments later, a photo opportunity to please my friend Lucy, some incarnation of whom finds her way into most of my books.  I pay my beta reader by making her immortal, and also with photos of creepy little girls.

Did I mention that there was a cosplayer EVERYWHERE you looked?

And right next door... this booth speaks for itself.

And for my friend Orv, this place.  This is down the street from the convention as we went to get lunch.  I don't know what this place is, but they have pixel seagulls.

I don't know who this is.  I just liked his hammer.

I'm told this series is finally coming out.  I love gothy cartoons, so I'm looking forward to it and I had to photograph these cosplayers!

And then everything went to Suck.  We tried to go to a panel, and the line was... it's hard to be sure.  Half a mile would not be an outrageous claim.  I couldn't photograph it because it twisted around so many corners there'd be no point.  Instead we took the long route back to our hotel, and stumbled over a little playground with this silly Lego Hobbit display.

And some pleasing serendipity for me.  They had huge Teen Titans balloons, and I took photos of two of y favorite characters in animation!

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