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Thursday, July 18, 2013

San Diego Comic Con Photolog - Thursday

I spent most of the day on the plane, but even there, I got pictures!  You see, the Midwest is so boring it's freaky fascinating.  Imagine miles and miles and miles of flatness reaching to every horizon, divided mysteriously into squares.  Oh, wait, you don't have to imagine it.  I took a photo.

 That is a city down there.  These eerily regular squares are huge.

Even the clouds were laid out with perfect regularity.

Eventually that changed.  White scars replaced some of the squares.  I honestly don't know what these are.

And... the circles.

After awhile, they were just mocking me.

The unifying theme of all of this is flatness.  Colorado was flat flat flaaaat flat flaaaat flat flat MOUNTAINS.

Eventually I successfully reached San Diego, and hooked up with my mysterious patron who got me my badge, Dana Simpson!  She's the creator of the ever-more-successful comic Heavenly Nostrils, and my good buddy, except the female version of that.  Gal pal?  Here she is, in a moment of deep philosophical contemplation.  She's going to be in a lot of my photos, so get used to this expression.

We'd spent a lot of time battling with the bus routes of San Diego, but I knew we were close.  It was something in the air.

Might have been the street signs in Dothraki.  Yes, there were a lot of these.

 The Convention Center was right on the other side of Dothraki Street.  We began with the customary aimless wandering of the exhibition floor.  Here, I record that perfect moment when I walked through the doors and into my homeland.

From then on we wandered.  I'm not sure what order most of these were in.  They're snapshots in time, like when I noticed this weird combination.  I mean, I understand WHY they're together, but it's so jarring.

Since we'd found the pony palace, Princess Pedantia the Magical Pixel fairy had to pose with her mane-sister.

But I kinda like this one more.

Evidence that my beloved Avatar: Legend of Korra will have a second season eventually!

Sometimes you see things you can't explain at Comic Con.

And things that scar your very soul.  He-Man + absolute territory = OHGODNO.

And things you reeeeeally want to buy.

And things you reeeeeally want to buy but are huge so you pose next to them for photos instead.

On the way out, we stumbled across the Chuck Jones Museum, and... well, Chuck Jones Museum.  I hope it doesn't need explaining.

I leave you with this inspiring photo of Dana Simpsons making an elaborate joke about her comic and My Little Pony.

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  1. Of course it's a historical monument, it's founded by unicorns!