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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


My publisher did not wait around.  Wow.  Preorders for I Did Not Give That Spider Superhuman Intelligence are already on Amazon!  Release date December 1st.  Check out the cover!

They said they were going for a mix of my Supervillain covers and 1980s album art.  I think that's genius.  Also, I think the goofy blurb at the bottom suits the goofiness of the book.

Below the break is the cover blurb I came up with.  What do you think?

Being a superhero should be fun.  After all, a world of super powers is a world where amazonian juggernauts made of candy battle guys in spandex that drive talking cars.  Irene loves that weirdness, loves the game of fighting, and loves being a four foot tall woman who still gets to drop big heavy objects on villains' heads.

In 1980, that fun is in danger.  A mad scientist who murders people for his research has everyone afraid.  Two of the friendliest super powered rivals around stop playing and go for the kill.  If superheroes and villains aren't safe in their own homes, how can having powers be anything but a nightmare?

Irene will not let that happen.  She wants to show her friends, one a ten year old grim reaper and the other a zombie mish-mosh of living and metal parts, that their lives don't have to be grim.  With the help of a superintelligent spider, Team Tiny will make the world fun again.  Except maybe it's the spider who's in charge after all...


  1. That's one good-looking cover! Hell, it's better than any of the cover Penny has. Evil supervillain Penny should be so jealous.

  2. And...preordered. Been looking forward to it since your posted the preview chapters.

  3. I've been needing something good to read. Can't wait for this.

  4. love to hear/see the book is coming out. As to the cover, honestly I like the colors and the artwork itself is all right but I don't care for the font/lettering choices, you cant really read most of it including a big chunk of the books title.

  5. For the cover the focus is definitely on "Spider" and the text around it. I didn't even see the bottom text until my third pass through.

    I like the blurb. The one item that stands out to me is "In 1980". I realize that it's setting the time frame, but is there a way to replace it with a slightly more general decade moniker? Instead of 1920 roaring 20s type of thing. Sadly I can't think of what the 1980s would be and maybe thats just the best that is possible. I imagine it's been though many an iteration.

  6. I see on the Amazon website that the book is subtitled “Please Don't Tell My Parents Book 4”. It should be changed. I know it’s set in the same world but it seems to be a brand new story and has little to nothing to do with Penny and gang.

  7. Any news on the dead tree version?