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Saturday, September 24, 2016

So Many Distractions

So, the book is done, and I think prerelease is in December?  I expect my official edits soon.  You all reacted so favorably to Irene, I think it will be a winner, despite my being concerned by releasing a book in the Supervillain continuity without a child star.

I am about to start the fourth Penny book, Please Don't Tell My Parents I Have A Nemesis.  I have a strong general outline, so it should go fast.  I just need to work out some thematic stuff in my head before I can get to work.  I will, of course, give you folks the first few chapters to check reception!

This is super sweet - a friend saw these in the library of 'Trefoil Academy', a kids' summer camp!

Oh, and I'm a few days late on this because I got unexpected editing notes.  Heart of the Harvester is coming out in an anthology I had totally forgotten about.


  1. Great to hear. Look forward to Nemesis and I hope you success in both of them. More books in the Supervillain continuity is a good thing in my view.

  2. Excited to hear about both books. Not sure which I'm looking forward to more, although I suspect it's Nemesis, really love Bad Penny. She may just be my favorite supervillain.

  3. cant wait to get another book with Penny, I will likely try the other book to since I like the universe but Penny is definitely my Favorite.

  4. I noticed what seemed to be a shoutout to Penny in the Libriomancer series, but the publication dates don't seem to easily work for that. Any other books with bad luck pennies out there? Jim Hines was an early reader?

    1. I have no idea. No one has ever told me I was an influence, but when my books first came out, superheroes was not a category for children's books and I had to go with 'aliens' of all crazy things.