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Sunday, November 11, 2018

You Knew I Was Writing, Right?

I have just finished writing what I am tentatively calling A Rag Doll's Guide To Enchantment And Murder.  I'm going to be badly frazzled for the next few days, but one of the many things I need to do as soon as I'm coherent is send it out to beta readers.  I lost the email address I used last time to collect addresses to mail to, but basically it's time to start volunteering and I'll work out a system very soon.


  1. Would you want us to just check grammar and spelling and the like, or flow too? I finished reading your Penny series today and the editing towards the end of the last book wasn't great.

    (Which is not to say I did not absolutely adore the series, because while I'm obviously not the target audience, I really enjoyed the read and I'm sad we won't be hearing from Penny and the gang again. Just FYI.)

    1. My publisher's editing was godawful bad and only kept getting worse. It is one of the many things I am unhappy with them about. I will get a new publisher with professional editing standards. I literally think their editing left me with more grammatical screwups than the manuscripts.

      And no, this isn't about editing. This is about people telling me what they do and don't like and how they feel about the book. It's getting book reviews early enough that I can decide if there's anything I want to change.

    2. In which case, yeah, I am up for it.

  2. I'd love to get in on this!
    P.S. This is my backup gmail account, for some reason my normal account could only log onto the blogger home page, and not this page. Weird, huh?

  3. I would be a mediocre beta reader, but my wife is a really good one. She was a teacher and does editing and beta read-throughs for a couple of our friends who are writers. She also loves Penny's books