(I Also Write Children's Books!)

Friday, February 1, 2013

So That's Good, I Guess!

As a writer, it's been an exciting week.  Lots of back and forth with the publisher, got to see the cover art for Quite Contrary (I wish I felt like I could post these covers here), they're making audiobooks for Sweet Dreams and Wild Children.  This all just blows me away.  It's more interest expressed in my work than probably my whole previous life together.  Multiple (routine) doctor's visits and home repair have filled all moments in between, and physically and emotionally I'm wiped.

The writing upshot is that Metal, Candy, Flesh is going to have to go on hold.  I wrote exactly one chapter and learned a lot about what the book will be, but for the first time in a long time I have professional obligations.  Curiosity Quills wants a Wild Children story for publicity purposes.  No problem there - I've got a story in mind already, although of course it'll take a few weeks to write.  After that, they've asked me to write a book, and having someone come and ask you 'Please write Book X' is a weird experience.  It's seeming more likely by the minute that I will.  I'm not sure, but until I do know I can't dive into Metal, Candy, Flesh.