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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I told you I'd keep this post updated.

Please Don't Tell My Parents I Have A Nemesis is out on Amazon!  You can click on the image below to get to it!  WOOOOOO!  Everybody I gave an advance copy, go leave a review, and I hope you liked the book and it's a good review.  Reviews are gold for writers, and why my publisher told me to hand out early copies.

Paperbacks and an audiobook are contracted, but heaven knows when they arrive.  I don't think recording on the audiobook is started, and there was a lot of last minute fuss, so I figure paperbacks will take at least a couple of weeks.

To the Amazon Page!

See you soon with more info, I hope!

Monday, May 22, 2017

And The SPOILER Thread!

I am supplying this thread for anyone who finishes the book and wants to discuss it with the other advance reviewers.


Well. Ain't you little buggers lucky?

THREAD CLOSED!  Marketing wants to link to my cover art thread up above.  I am not going to let your email addresses show up on a post that might get wide public attention and be read by virus/malware spammers.  Anyone who knows how to get ahold of me otherwise, I am still willing to send out a few more copies.  I feel bad a lot of my regular commenters probably didn't have time.