(I Also Write Children's Books!)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Out In Paperback!

I triumphantly announce that two more of my books are out, and they're out in paper as well as electronic versions!  Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Teeth is available on Amazon here, and Quite Contrary is available here!  I will be working on getting sales buttons back up on this blog tonight.  Everybody always asks me if they can buy my book in paper copies, and now they can.  I'd like a few myself, because they're gifts I can give away.

For those of you new to my writing, Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Teeth is a coming of age story set entirely in the world of dreams, starring a nightmare and his confusing romantic entanglements.  Quite Contrary is a very dark, not-quite-horror novel about a little girl whose life was pretty bad before she got stuck in the story of Red Riding Hood, but who is tough enough to survive even a serial-killer wolf.  Wild Children, the book about tweens cursed for being bad to look and be treated like animals, does not have paper copies yet.  I'm trying to find out why.

For those not new to my writing, I'm well into the horror novel my publisher asked me to write.  I don't want to say too much, but my publisher is happy with the progress and it's full steam ahead now.  The thing I can definitely say is that writing someone else's characters is hard.  They weren't chosen as characters I would love!