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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Brief Trip To The Art Fair

I was asked to help a relative disassemble their display at the Arts On The Green art fair in LeGrange, KY this weekend.  It's not a big fair and I'm a hard sell on crafts, but I used my free time to look around for anything interesting to bring back to my fans.

It's weird to think I actually have fans now.

Man, is it weird to think that.  I'm not sure I can grasp it.

Anyway, I only found three exhibits I really thought were worth photographing.  I made sure to get a card from each exhibit, because as a crafts fair, these people are there to sell and it wouldn't be fair to flaunt their hard work without at least providing their contact information.

First up, these neat lawn ornaments made out of junk and bits of metal.  I'm keeping my photos near full size so that you can see the detail, and this guy tightly packs his creations.  You need the extra size to tell them apart.  I admit it, I liked the bugs.

Next, I loved these little necklaces and keys with gears embedded in them.  If I didn't have a fondness for steampunk, I wouldn't be here.

Finally, this guy makes fabric.  Now, I know not a thing about whether he makes good fabric or not, but seeing a guy operate a loom in public was well worth a photo.  He was cool just to watch.

I told you it was a very brief trip!  Enjoy the photos.  I'mma get back to writing the second Inscrutable Machine book.