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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Poor Mirabelle

I have faced the dire and painful truth:  Mirabelle's book was not working.  I don't think it was a bad book, but it was too weird and difficult to get into for anyone who doesn't know the world intimately.  It doesn't have the relatability of Penny's books.  It doesn't have the same fun tone.  For the book that branches out off of Penny to the rest of my supervillain world, I need the story to be as easy to get into as possible.

So I switched to Magenta's story.  Here's chapter one of I'm Late For Alchemy Class.  Good luck.

Oh, and the paperbacks are already out for Vanity Rose!


  1. Nice! You're right. This is much more relatable than Mirabelle's book. Hope you will go on with this. I would love to read more of Magenta.

  2. I liked Mirabelle but this definitely reads better and it absolutely helps that the focus is on a new character who's forced to be more active due not being in the know already.

    that aside is alchemy considered a mad science or mystical art, I'm kind of hoping for the former not only because Gadgeteers/Mad Scientists are one of my favorite superpowers but also due to how I love seeing 'non-building a Mech/death ray' versions of it.

    for example another author I read, Seanan Mcguire, has a short story/anthology called 'laughter at the academy' which features a “mad psychiatrist” villain using her abilities to awaken other mad scientists with disastrous results for society.

    Anyway looking foreword to reading this one.

  3. I'm sad to lose Mirabelle's story, but them's the breaks, and I don't doubt I'll love Magenta's story too

    On an unrelated note, I'm listening to the audiobook of "Please don't Tell My Parents You Believe Her" and I find myself really wanting a t-shirt with "I'm a Gertie, Gertie Boy!" on it

  4. Interesting, and easier to get into than Mirabelle - or Vanity, for that matter.

  5. I'm sorry, but you are EVIL. I've been constantly checking for this book and any updates for MONTHS and I need something, ANYTHING! Please?